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Evolution and the Christian Faith

Believing the theory of evolution, as taught by most science books, really, is the denial of God’s inspired Word. Believing evolution is to say that God’s Word, the Bible, is not God’s Word, nor is it true.


3 Responses

  1. And biological change over time, which is observable in nature, is just god’s way of letting satan try to trick you???

    Are you insane?????

    • Dan,

      In the article, I failed to distinguish between macro-evolution and micro-evolution. The former the Christian denies on account of God’s Word. Macro-evolution is contrary to the Bible, and posits the premise that either God did not create, or that God did, but through evolution, by some other means, or at least not according to what the Bible makes known (Theistic evolution). These are contrasted with the teaching of Holy Scripture, “God said” (Genesis 1; see also John 1:1-5; 6:63). The latter, micro-evolution, the Christian accepts, because, as you rightly point out, (small) changes do take place over time, which are indeed observable by nature (i.e. adaptation, abnormalities, etc.). These changes, however, are often not for the better, and show a loss, not evolution, as the majority would have us believe.

  2. According to Scripture, you are correct (Genesis 1). We are to interpret Scripture according to its own words, not according to our own interpretations of it. Thus does the Christian hear the Lord’s Word as it is given, not as we want it to be according to our understanding. Many a ‘Christian’, however, picks and chooses what is to be believed because it matches their own understanding, not because it’s the clear text of Scripture.

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