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Lk15.1-10, Pentecost 16, 2010C.pdf

“In such jeopardy our only consolation is that we have a Shepherd, our dear Lord Jesus Christ, who accepts us and seeks us out, not to punish us for our sins and throw us into hell, but rather finds us, places us on his shoulder and rejoices to carry us home to safety from the world, where we have pasture and where every prospect pleases.  You know how such a search takes place, namely, that he permits his Word to ring out plainly, from which we learn how heinous and burdensome our sins is which would throw us into eternal damnation.  But God, in his fatherly love, was a compassionate toward us disobedient children and through his Son provided counsel and aid in our misery.  It behooves us then to accept this gift with thanksgiving, believe in Christ, repent, and be converted to God.” (Luther)

Lk15.1-10, Pentecost 16, 2010C.pdf


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