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Donations plummet after appointment of orthodox Catholic priests in Platteville

Donations plummet after appointment of orthodox Catholic priests in Platteville.

What does it mean to be Roman Catholic?  That’s what a number of parishioners, it seems, are finding out.  Changes have been made to various practices within the parish, and though one might question the how and the duration of time for such changes to take place, few who know their Catholic theology could argue with the catholicity of the practices.  Altar boys, no lay communion assistants, preaching the Roman Catholic faith, use of the confessional (Private Reconciliation)…These practices should not surprise members at all.  What is unfortunate is that many appear to have forgotten what Roman Catholicism is and teaches!

I applaud Madison Bishop Morlino for defending the priests.  That more church leaders would do so in antagonistic congregations!

I’m not in agreement with the polity, the doctrine, or a number of the practices of the Roman Catholic church, but it is good to see other churches and leaders standing up and having backbone for what they believe, not giving in to the pressures of society to accommodate and compromise teachings and practices for the sake of acceptance and political correctness, as has happened and is happening within so many church bodies within Christendom.

God have mercy!

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