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Christ is THE ONE

John’s is the question worth asking, for everlasting life and the Kingdom of Heaven are worth being sure of. Rest from all of one’s enemies and deliverance from eternal death are worth seeking out. The Coming One spoken of by John gives just these. He would save His people from death, forgive sins, and establish His kingdom forever.

This was the One promised to Adam and Eve, the One who would crush the serpent’ head (Genesis 3:15), the Prophet like Moses whom God would raise, who would speak to the people all that God the Father commanded Him, and whoever would not hear His words which He speaks in the Father’s Name, it would be required of Him (Deuteronomy 18:18-19).

The Coming One to which John referred was the One who would rule on King David’s throne forever. He was the One who would build a house for the Lord’s Name whose kingdom would have no end. This was He of whom the prophets prophesied and all the people had hoped to come.

Mt11.2-15, Advent 3, 2010A.pdf


One Response

  1. I always think, “Jesus is THE ONE” when I watch the Matrix and they say Neo is the One.

    Thanks for writing this post.

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